Gluten free life | Жизнь без глютена

Recepies of dishes and the way of life

About project

This project was launched by me to increase the amount of information about gluten intolerance, and also in order to help people with this food feature to find suitable products in different cities and to learn how to cook a new tasty and healthy gluten free meals. Regarding the fact that I have also lactose intolerants – my recipes also do not contain milk (only plant milk). But the main focus of the project is on the gluten intolerance, because the exclusion of dairy products from the diet is more simple.

Information about the gluten free food in different cities I’m looking for myself, arriving in a new city. To this day the list of such cities is not very big and not all the shops are covered. I will be grateful for any information on the gluten free food in your city or in the city where you was resting. That can be a city that is not already in the list or the store that is not mentioned on the website. Your information and photos can be emailed to: or you can use the feedback form below.

Besides, on the website I have gluten free recipes, which I fill only with the recipes that was tested by me. If you have your gluten free recipes – I would be grateful for detailed recipe, ingredients and photos (if any exists). Also, I would be grateful for information about gluten free products, that are not mentioned in my special list of gluten free products. Send all information and pictures on email: or use the feedback form below.

Let’s make gluten free life easier and tastier together!

P.S. Since October 2017 I added the advertisement to this site. The reason is simple – I need some money to pay for the site maintenance. Right from the start of this project I payed for everything by myself and didn’t have any financial profit from this site, just helping people giving them the information. But unfortunately I can’t continue doing it the same way, I don’t have any sponsor, I’m paying all the bills by myself 🙂 That is why – I have to put the advertisement here, to collect some money for the site maintenance. I don’t know when it will cover all the bills but at least it would be some help 🙂 And I hope for your understanding on this matter!

P.P.S. If you want to help with the development of this project you could transfer some money here: help the project. I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance! :-*