Gluten free life | Жизнь без глютена

Recepies of dishes and the way of life

Gluten free Ekaterinburg

This is a stand with gluten free products at the mall Okay at Babushkina, 2A (on March 2016). Similar stand you can find in Okay on Repina, 94. All products here produced by Schar, which is the most popular manufacturer of gluten free products. By clicking you can see the products and prices better.

At the second photo are the shelves of the store Auchan, which is located in Mega shopping center at Metallurgov 87. There is a production company Schar, Gullon and Garnets.

Some information about few products that can be found here.

Gluten free flour

Schar Bread-Mix-Mix-Bgluten-free flour for bread. Packaging 1 kg. Flour suitable for baking bread, buns and pies. View recipes without gluten, which I cooked based on this flour.

Mehl Farine Schar – gluten free flour for pancakes (blini in Russia). Packaging 1 kg. Flour is suitable for baking pancakes, dumplings, etc. I use it exclusively for pancakes (blini of course ? ).

Schar Mix it Universal – universal gluten free flour. Packaging 500 gr. Flour suitable for all bakery, I use it for baking apple cake, cookies, etc. View gluten free recipes that I offer on the basis of this flour.

Theoretically you can use any of this flour for absolutely any purpose. But, as shown by my personal experience of usage, it is better to stick to this separation of the assignments. The composition of these three types of flour is different, which greatly affects not only the taste of baked goods, but also on how the flour behaves when kneading the dough in the baking process, etc. For example, pancake flour is more sticky, as the pancakes in Russia are fried thin and should not break while turning. Using this flour for pancakes you will make them more qualitative and, very importantly, you’ll save on the amount of flour, as using a different flour you will have to put it much more to achieve the desired quality.

Gluten free pasta

Сellophane noodles Sen Soy  – gluten free vermicelli made from green beans. Bought in Okey, but not on the shelf with gluten free products but at the section with regular pasta. You can read one of the gluten free recipes, which I cook from this noodles.

Gluten free fusilli (pasta) Schar. Sold in Okey at the section with gluten free products. They are prepared like regular pasta and tastes very similar. You can cook them with vegetables, seasonings or sauce.

Protein free and gluten free pasta McMaster. Sold in shops of healthy diet “Rada”. Also similar to regular pasta and prepared according to the same principle.

Gluten free soy products

Tofu Morinaga. Bought in Auchan on Metallurgov, 87. Delicious addition to the toppings, especially for those who do not eat meat. Pure tofu is not used, it can be fried with spices, you can prepare it on the basis of lactose free sour cream, etc.

Soy milk Bona Vita. Bought in Mega Mart on the Cosmonavtov Avenue, 104. Very tasty product and ideal replacement for regular milk for those with lactose intolerance and/or casein intolerance. I use it for baking gluten free buns, gluten free pancakes and for my breakfast corn flakes. This milk is tasty for drink too, for more healthy variant and flavor you can add a spoon of honey.

Gluten free lactose free chocolate

Apricot in chocolate by Samara pastry – gluten free and lactose free chocolates which contain the cocoa paste, dried apricot and walnuts. The most delicious candy I’ve ever eaten! Every time I buy them – I’m ready to eat the whole box at a time, but taking my time and not allow myself to eat more than one candy a day ? This is truly treasure for people with gluten free and lactose free diet.

Hot chocolate sold under the brand Okay, manufacturer – Spain. Hot chocolate, which does not contain neither gluten nor lactose and is very easy to prepare, enough to dissolve it in cold water, add milk and boil. I add the soy milk to make chocolate lactose free and it turns out very tasty and useful for health!

Chocolate Babaevskiy – Branded and Luxury. Gluten free and lactose free dark chocolate which is suitable for people with gluten/lactose intolerance and celiac disease. Delicious chocolate that you can eat or add to your bakery.

Elite chocolate by Babaevskiy and Bitter chocolate by Pobeda (Victory). These two types of chocolate may contain a small amount of allergens but compared to all the other types of chocolate – they are at the second place for security after the previous two.