Gluten free life | Жизнь без глютена

Recepies of dishes and the way of life

Gluten free breakfasts

Since I learned about my gluten intolerance – I had to adjust all my menu including breakfast. Here I want to share with you several kinds of tasty breakfast which I cook after starting the diet.

It is not a secret that gluten free diet allow eggs in any kind. So – scrambled eggs, omelets, gluten free bread filled with scrambled eggs – all this is an excellent option for your gluten free breakfast. For the omelet I use soy milk to make it also lactose free. And my latest discovery – omelet with a banana! Slightly fry sliced banana on both sides and then pour scrambled eggs with soy milk. It turns out to be incredibly delicious!


The second option that I love for breakfast – corn flakes with milk. As it turns out – ordinary corn flakes contains gluten so I buy gluten free cornflakes from Schar and add soy milk, made from dry mix, to make the breakfast also lactose free. This corn flakes is not sweet, so I add a spoonful of regular or palm honey and turns out to be very tasty, and most importantly – very quick and nutritious breakfast! This is probably the fastest option of gluten free breakfast.

Tip: it is better to add honey into the milk before you poured the cereal to give it a chance to melt. Otherwise the flakes will adhere to the spoon with the honey, stirring to dissolve the honey, and plus while your stir – corn flakes will become very sodden.

As a beverage I found an alternative to tea – hot chocolate by brand Okay. This hot chocolate does not contain neither gluten nor lactose and it’s very easy to prepare, enough to dissolve it in cold water, add milk and bring to a boil. I add the soy milk to make it lactose free and it turns out to be very tasty!