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Gluten free & lactose free chocolate

When I start gluten free/lactose free diet, I didn’t pay attention to the composition of the products that I buy, because I thought that already know what they contain. And for some time I continued to eat some chocolate, thinking that it couldn’t contain gluten. But, unfortunately, almost all chocolate candy contains gluten or milk.

Therefore, one of the most difficult moments for me since the beginning of gluten free and lactose free diet was the search for chocolates that I could eat. I looked through all the shelves with chocolate that I could find in Yekaterinburg, Santa Cruz and Costa Adeje (Tenerife, Spain), and to be noticed – on the island it were a huge amount of different chocolate, but I did not find any chocolate bar o candy, which don’t have notice: may contain milk and/or gluten.

I was very upset and the farther – the more I want to eat chocolate! And finally, in April 2016, my osteopath told me about the several types of chocolates and hot chocolate that can be eaten with gluten intolerance and lactose. What a relief and happiness! 🙂

Apricot in chocolate by Samara pastry – gluten free and lactose free chocolates which contain the cocoa paste, dried apricot and walnuts.

Prunes in chocolate with walnut by Samara pastry – is similar to the previous gluten free and lactose free candy and contain prunes, walnuts, cocoa paste, cocoa butter and sugar.

Candy with truffle body by Samara pastry – is another delicious gluten free and lactose free chocolates that will appeal to everybody 🙂

All chocolate candies by Samara pastry – are the most delicious candy I’ve ever eaten! Every time I buy them – I’m ready to eat the whole box at a time, but taking my time and not allow myself to eat more than one candy a day 🙂 This is truly treasure for people with gluten free and lactose free diet.

Hot chocolate sold under the brand Okey, manufacturer – Spain. Hot chocolate, which does not contain neither gluten nor lactose and is very easy to prepare, enough to dissolve it in cold water, add milk and boil. I add the soy milk to make chocolate lactose free and it turns out very tasty and useful for health!

Chocolate Babaevskiy – Branded and Luxury. Gluten free and lactose free dark chocolate which is suitable for people with gluten/lactose intolerance and celiac disease. Delicious chocolate that you can eat or add to your bakery.

Elite chocolate by Babaevskiy and Bitter chocolate by Pobeda (Victory). These two types of chocolate may contain a small amount of allergens but compared to all the other types of chocolate – they are at the second place for security after the previous two.