Gluten free life | Жизнь без глютена

Recepies of dishes and the way of life

Gluten free Moscow

In Moscow’s Auchan you can find lot’s of products without gluten. This shop has very convenient system – all gluten free products throughout the store marked with red labels! Below you can find some pictures of gluten free products that you can find on the shelves of this store.

Gluten free pasta and flour mixes

Gluten free spaghetti and macaroni (like Penne) by Schar. Prepare like regular pasta/spaghetti.

Gluten free spaghetti by Misura. Prepare spaghetti as usual.

Gluten free flour mixes by Garnets. As for me, I prefer flour mixtures by Schar because they optimally combined the composition but these compounds can also be used.

Gluten free sweet products

Schar Corn Flakes – gluten free corn flakes. Taste quite similar to the ordinary corn flakes. As for me – I like corn flakes with honey, they are sweeter, but these are not very sweet. But you can add honey in milk or in corn flakes itself (if you like it without milk) and it becomes very sweet and tasty ? For those who have lactose intolerants, like me, you can use coconut or soy milk.

Cookies by Gullon – two types of gluten free cookies.