Gluten free life | Жизнь без глютена

Recepies of dishes and the way of life

Santa Crus de Tenerife gluten free

This how the stand with gluten free products in shopping Mall El Corte Engles (grocery store is on the first floor of the shopping center) was  looks like on December 2015. This Mall you can find in the capital of Tenerife – Santa Cruz.

All products on this stand are made by Schar. By clicking on the photo you can see the products and prices better.

A bit more about some products that can be found here.

Gluten free bread

Classico del Mastro Panettiere – white gluten free bread. The taste of classic white bread. It is definitely tastier than gluten free bread, which is sold in Russia, and so crumbly. But it’s not my favorite bread.

Reisbrot – very thin slices of gluten free bread, which are quite easily broken and have the original flavour (different from regular white bread). For someone fractures is good (the bread is soft, crumbly), but for someone not very good, because it is extremely easy to crumble and not very suitable for sandwiches, although I used it for these purposes too ? Very good as an alternative to regular bread when you become tired of it or just wants a change.

Personally, of all the gluten free bread most of all I like – Pane Casereccio. It has the consistency and taste very close to our usual wheat bread. Even better, perhaps ? Taste really really good, the bread is not crumbly, but soft. This bread I would eat as much as possible, unlike bread which is sold in Russia. Taste even similar to gluten free homemade bread.

Gluten free sweets

Schar Corn Flakes – gluten free corn flakes. Taste – quite similar to the ordinary corn flakes. As for me – I like corn flakes with honey, they are sweeter, but these are not very sweet. But you can add honey in milk or in corn flakes itself (if you like it without milk) and it becomes very sweet and tasty ? For those who have lactose intolerants, like me, you can use coconut or soy milk.

Schar Marble Cake – chocolate gluten free cupcake. Very tasty, soft and crumbly cupcake! Well suited for tea and I also take it to the trips (in case of no gluten free food on the way), although it is very crumbly. I really liked it, bought it several times.

Schar Muffins – gluten free muffins. I have not tried them because they contain lactose but I’m sure they must be very tasty ?

Gluten free soy sauce

Kikkoman Tamari Sauce – one of 3 gluten free soy sauce that I’m aware of (about the other gluten free soy sauces you can read in the article about gluten free soy sauces).

If you try the sauce in its pure form, it is slightly different in taste from the classic soy sauce. But hardly anyone uses it this way,usually the sauce is added to dishes during cooking or with sushi. In this situation – sauces are very much alike to the usual soy sauces.

I can highly recommend this gluten free soy sauces for everyone! One of my favorite dishes with soy sauce: cellophane noodles with vegetables.