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Gluten free apple pie “Sharlotka”

apple pie


3 eggs

1 glass of sugar

1 glass of flour Schar Mix it Universal

1/2 tsp of soda

a slice of lemon

a pinch of salt

Start cooking with cutting apples so you can pour the dough right after making it. At first, cut the apples into quarters, cut out core, then cut into thin slices and spread evenly in a large enough baking dish. Do 1.5-2 layers of apples, but not more.

As for me, I like to pre-clear apples not only from the core, but also from the skin. This way the pie woukd be softer, and you can avoid any of harmful substances that the skin of vegetables and fruit may contain.

The most delicious Apple pie turns out to be with a bit sour apples. Sweet apples do not provide the same flavor and Apple pie with a strongly acidic apples will cause a “sour face” 🙂 Although, a matter of taste, of course, you should try anв find your own favorite combination!

Break 3 eggs in a bowl, add salt and whisk until the white foam (the more you whisk the eggs, the tastier will be the upper crust of the pie. I use blender at the highest speed). Add sugar and continue whisking. Add flour, whisk well again. Take the soda right in a spoon and squeeze the lemon slice upon it (it is necessary that all the grains have dissolved). Gently whisk (at a lower speed).

Pour the dough on the apples in your baking dish. Put the dish in a preheated at 180-200° C oven. Bake for 30 minutes.


At some point it may seem that pie is ready, but do not rush to get it out immediately. The cooking time may vary depending on the oven. Sometimes it just seems to be ready but the pie is not baked well enough inside. Sometimes you have to give the edge to turn a bit black to make the pie well cooked.

Some times pies from gluten free mixes should be baked a bit longer than those made from wheat flour. So may find that your pie still raw inside though it looks already good. To avoid this situation I recommend taking very large baking dishes and make big but thin pies. My baking dish for this pie is about – 34 to 23 cm.

You can determine if the pie is ready by sticking a toothpick in it. If it stayed dry and nothing stuck – it means the cake is ready!

sharlotka gluten free

Cut it into small pieces. Bon appetit!